Zion Manchester

Zion Manchester

This above-ground pool is made of resin, compatible with a salt system

Solid 54-inch walls Resolutely contemporary, the ZION model has a very sturdy structure made entirely of UV-resistant resin, which helps maintain its original appearance over the years. It is a perfect match for today’s homes.



Round: 12', 15', 18', 21', 24' 27', 30'
Oval: 12' x 24', 15' x 26', 15' x 30', 18' x 33


Resin 9" margins.
Resin is UV resistant and maintenance free. It also picks up little heat and remains temperate to the touch.

54" Manchester Wall
Our walls are made of steel with a hot-dipped galvanized coating for years of corrosion-free use. An additional clear protective coating adds weather resistance. The wall is corrugated to increase its strength and durability.

Yardmore Oval System
This system eliminates the props that traditionally support oval pools. This model allows you to optimize the space on your property and preserve its aesthetics



Brand : Aqualeader
100% resin structure molded by an injection process that allows each of these components to be reinforced with a ribbing process
9 inch resin curbs
Resin reinforced posts with contrasting anthracite insert
54 inch Manchester wall for added security
Ergonomic profile showing a truly round pool
Precision-molded coping joints that fit perfectly every time
Oval-shaped pools with no struts thanks to the Yardmore system