Our spas



Owning a spa is like taking a vacation without leaving your home. Enjoy it with friends or family, soothe aching muscles or simply relax at the end of the day: a spa is a great investment. Our trained staff can help you find the perfect spa for you.

Self Cleaning Line


Why spend time maintaining your hot tub when you can enjoy it! Hydropool offers the only self-cleaning hot tub available. Add to that the list of therapeutic and wellness programs in their spa and you can take care of muscle aches, insomnia and stress.

Sunrise Line

Sunrise Spas are made with premium materials and have a wide range of high-end features, making Sunrise Spas your choice for a luxury spa. Hydrotherapy massage jets help relieve the pain and tension associated with everyday life, while beautiful lighting and a built-in sound system can set the mood while you lounge.

Inspiration Line

The Inspiration line offers the perfect therapeutic spa. Enter and relax your neck, back, shoulders and hips and enjoy the unique Air X system, which precisely targets problem areas and provides a smooth and rejuvenating sensation.

Portable Line

Portable spas are a great option if you want a low cost spa that fits just about anywhere! Choose from the Softub 2-person spa to the Dream Maker 7-person spa and enjoy the benefits of therapeutic water jets at home. Portable spas are available at the Hudson store only

Swim Spas

Swim spas are the perfect solution if you want to swim or train, relax or play at home. Our swim spas allow you to train for a triathlon or swim to stay in shape. When you’ve had enough swimming, use the adjustable current to help you do aqua fitness exercises or just play in the pool with your kids. They really are the perfect solution for water fun at home…and they fit into small yards so you can experience luxury wherever you live.