Spa Stonehenge EZL

Spa Stonehenge EZL

A spa for 3 to 4 people with 16 jets

Experience a truly unique pressure-controlled massage in the EZL spa for 3 to 4 people including a lounge chair. Each spa features digital control and 16 adjustable stainless steel jets offering individual water pressure control. LED lighting includes illuminated air controls and soothing backlighting. Durable and lightweight with Syncrylic ™ unibody construction that is virtually indestructible with textured panels available in brick or rattan. All the benefits of a luxury spa at a fraction of the price perfect for lounging and entertaining.

Prepare to be wowed by the many color choices (cabinet and shell) and designs by clicking on the button below.



Syncrylic ™ is a proprietary formula designed to be lighter and more durable than standard acrylic. It was created to offer the best of both worlds, having the beautiful appearance of acrylic while maintaining the impact resistant qualities of polyethylene.

WeatherShield Super Seal Lid
Provides superior temperature retention as it snaps into the spa for a complete seal. Made with the new Weather Shield material, which is 3 times stronger than vinyl and 25% lighter.

Power supply ready to plug in.
Comes with a plug-in ready power supply for 15A of 120V. Ready in 3 steps: Drop it in, fill it up and plug it in!

The Complete Suite
With the Suite option, enjoy extra wide steps with built-in storage, heavy-duty railing and planters. Also includes a cover lever for opening and closing your spa. Available at the time of spa purchase only.


3 seats + 1 bed
Dimensions 78 " x 69 " x 32 "
Capacity 716 liters
16 adjustable stainless steel jets
120Volt 15 amp convertible ready to plug in
1kw heater
LED illuminated controls
LED bottom lighting
Foam barrier insulation
Superseal cover
Optional Suite Version