Spa Softtub 140

Spa Softtub 140

A 1 – 2 person spa with 4 jets

The Softub 140 is the ideal spa for couples and/or hydrotherapy, with a capacity for up to two people. This Softub fits perfectly on a patio or area with limited space.

Each Softub package includes your Softub spa, the HydroMate (1.5 hp), a folding thermal cover with locking features and a 5 year limited warranty. Choose from our many accessories for the ultimate Softub experience.

Get ready to be wowed by the many color choices (cabinet and shell) and models by clicking the button below. (Brochure in English)



Capacity: 1-2 people
Outside diameter: 59" (inches)
Inside diameter: 50" (inches)
Height 24" : (inches)
Spa weight (empty): 50 lbs
Cover weight: 20 lbs
Motor Weight: 20 lbs
HydroMate weight: 40 lbs
Filled weight: 1445 lbs
Water Volume: 530 L
Underwater LED lighting : (multi-color LED)
Number of massage jets : 4 Jets
Electrical connection : 110V/120V 60 Hz,11A
Surroundings : (No surround)
Size: 150*61 cm
Material : Leather Tex & Syntex