Smart Shock treatment

Smart Shock treatment

Pool water shock treatment is a necessary step in proper water maintenance. Shock treatments and oxidizers chemically destroy organic contaminants to help restore water clarity, maintain water balance and eliminate the primary cause of chlorine odor and eye irritation. This is the second part of the BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care Program and the BioGuard Smart PAK Program.


The best BioGuard product for shock treatment, oxidation, buffering and clarification of water.
It is easy to apply and dissolves quickly.
It allows you to treat the water and resume swimming in 15 minutes.

Smart Shock makes pool water management simple and easy. Weekly use of this product reduces accumulated organic contamination to keep your water blue and sparkling. This product oxidizes organic contaminants that cause cloudy water, chlorine smell and eye irritation.

How to use: Simply spray Smart Shock in the deep end of your pool and be swimming again in just 15 minutes once a week!
Pro tip: Use it in conjunction with BioGuard and Banish Silk Smart Sticks and you'll save time and money on weekly maintenance chemicals!