Bioguard Lite (12×350 gm)

Bioguard Lite (12×350 gm)

Bioguard Lite is a fantastic shock oxidizer used to sanitize your pool and oxidize (gas) any organic waste in your mineral or saltwater pool. Lite also has clarifying properties that will help keep your saltwater pool crystal clear!


Helps sanitize and keep your pool clean and healthy
Shocks (oxidizes) waste and removes it from your water
Has clarifiers to keep your pool crystal clear
Works on all surfaces and on different types of pools
Swim only 15 minutes after using Lite
Used weekly for proper maintenance of mineral and salt water pools
Available in boxes of 12 x 350g bags


How to use

Spread the recommended number of bags over the surface of your pool with the pump running
Pro tip: Choose one day a week to do your weekly maintenance and add all products consecutively!