Ara Tuscany

Ara Tuscany

This above ground pool is made of steel

Designed in the purest tradition of above ground pools, the Ara model will satisfy the consumer looking for a quality product at an affordable price. Its durable steel components, as well as its look, will give you peace of mind to enjoy special moments with your family for many years.


Round: 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27'


52" Tuscany Wall
Our walls are made of steel with a hot-dipped galvanized coating for years of corrosion-free use. An additional clear protective coating adds weather resistance. The wall is corrugated to increase its strength and durability.

6" Steel Coping
Steel coping gives you stability, strength and elegance. They are covered with a textured resin protection to preserve from UV rays.




Brand: Aqua Leader
Corrosion resistant galvanized steel frame
6" steel coping
Additional textured resin protection added to posts as well as coping to reduce the damaging effect of UV rays
52" Tuscany wall
Precision-molded resin coping joints that fit perfectly every time