Salt for Warwick chlorine generator

Salt for Warwick chlorine generator

Our chlorine generator salt is 99.99% pure salt, specially designed for pools using a chlorine generator. It contains no anti-caking agents or additives to meet the most stringent standards of chlorine generator manufacturers. Its crystals dissolve very quickly.


99.9% pure food grade salt specially designed for pools using a chlorine generator.
Contains no additives or anti-caking agents (PSJ or iodine).
Eliminates the need to handle hazardous chemicals.
Fast dissolving crystals for easier mixing.
Easier maintenance: Salt water is more stable and better balanced.
Gives a softer skin.
Reduces upper respiratory tract irritation (nasal congestion, throat irritation) and eye irritation.
Absence of hassle.

This product is recommended for direct application in pool water for use with a chlorine generator. Always follow the chlorine generator manufacturer's instructions. Each kilogram of salt will increase the salt content by 100 parts per million per 10,000 liters of water.

Chlorination process:
As the filtered salt water passes through the chlorine generator, a small amount of electric current releases the pure chlorine from the salt in gaseous form. This chlorine gas dissolves immediately, disinfecting the water and returning to its original salt state without forming irritating byproducts (such as chloramines). Salt is added only to supplement the amount lost during backwashing of the filter.

For new pools:
Follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

For existing pools:
Determine the current salt level in the pool and add the required salt according to the manufacturer's instructions. Previous use of other chemicals may cause a chlorine residual.

Regular water testing is recommended. Other pool chemicals will be required to maintain proper water balance.