Summit Kamado S6

Summit Kamado S6

With its double-wall insulated steel construction and endless possibilities, the Summitᴹᴰ Kamado S6 charcoal grilling center has no equal. It quickly reaches your desired temperature and holds heat for all-day smoking. A button gas igniter lights the charcoal. Got multiple mouths to feed? With a large 24″ cooking area, the Kamado Summitᴹᴰ is ready to take on any feast. And simply reposition its grill to turn the Kamado into an everyday charcoal grill for searing steaks, grilling chicken, smoking fish and whatever else you serve on the grill.

  • Double wall insulation = quick and accurate heat change
  • Made to last with glass enamel steel
  • Snap-Jet gas ignition system ignites coals in 15 minutes
  • RapidFire flapper lid = more air, hotter, faster
  • One-Touch cleaning system for hassle-free cleaning
  • Adjustable hearth grid for smoking or searing at high heat
  • With Gourmet BBQ System, cookware sold separately


Dimensions - lid open (inches): 62.2 "h x 56.6 "w x 35 "d
Dimensions - closed lid (inches): 47.7 "h x 56.6 "w x 35 "d
Diameter (inches): 24
Main cooking area (square inches): 452 sq in,
Fuel Type: Charcoal with gas ignition (disposable cylinder sold separately)
Swivel and lockable casters: 2
8" Durable Weatherproof Rubber Casters: 2
Accessory holders: 3
Charcoal baskets: 2


Stainless steel gourmet bbq system articulated cooking grates
Individual snap-jet burner ignition system
Enameled pan and lid
Thermometer built into the lid
Wire bottom grill
Large removable aluminum ashtray
Stainless steel one-touch cleaning system
Rapidfire lid damper
Stainless steel diffuser plate
Large stainless steel work surface
Double-wall air insulation
Steel construction
Two position fire grate
Integrated mobile support
Soft hinged gasketed lid
Large handle on the lid
Grate hooks
Stainless steel wire basket
Built-in connection port
Includes 20 lb. capacity fuel bag