Summit® Grill Centre

Summit® Grill Centre

As BIG as it gets!
Nothing compares to the Summit Grill Center for that backyard cooking feel. This is an incredible entertaining barbecue for the outdoor family chef.

This center features everything that is great about Weber grills; stainless steel cooking grate, spit, hot plate, smoker, storage area, large work surfaces and the highest quality materials.

If you’re serious about your barbecue, the Grill Center is perfect for you.

*Available in stainless steel and black
**Available in gas and natural gas



Main burners: btu/hr: 60,000
Input station burner: btu/hr: 10,600
Stainless steel smoke box and smoker burner: btu/hr: 6,800
Double ring side burner : btu/h : 27,000
Rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner: btu/hr: 10,600
Dimensions - lid open (inches): 59 "H x 91.1 "W x 30 "D
Dimensions - closed lid (inches): 51.5 "H x 91.1 "W x 26.5 "D
Main cooking area (square inches): 624
Warming rack area (square inches): 145
Total cooking area (square inches): 769
Stainless steel burners : 6
Fuel Type: Propane (20 lb tank sold separately)
Side Shelves: 2
Lighted control knobs : 6
Handle lights : 2
Accessory holders : 6
Battery type: aaa, d
Batteries: 9


Cooking grates with 9mm diameter stainless steel rods
Individual snap-jet burner ignition system
Stainless steel flavorizer bars
Enameled lid
Thermometer integrated in the lid
Stainless steel side shelves
Barbecue cart
Painted steel doors
LED gas gauge - pl models only
Front access tray with grease trap
Gradually adjustable burner valves
Tuck-away rotisserie with lift-up motor and separate spit storage
Adjustable stainless steel wire shelves
Adjustable steel legs
Stainless steel paper towel holder