Spa Inspiration S104

Spa Inspiration S104

A 7-person spa with 54 jets

The S104 spa has a spacious design for 7 adults with two pumps and 54 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets. Its design gives you the feel of more space than any other mid-size spa on the market. Large, powerful back jets soothe tired muscles while the Air-X precision seat gives you a soft tissue massage. Create a total relaxation experience with the multi-color LED waterfall, interior perimeter lighting and exterior cabinet corner lighting.

Prepare to be smitten with the many color choices (cabinet and shell) and designs by clicking the button below.



Air-X Station
Air X is a therapy system using three styles of jets: Trinetic which gives precise therapy targeting problem areas, Polynetic which is a powerful, yet balanced jet ideal for wrists, joints and sensitive muscles and Binetic, a dual jet producing a therapeutic effect over an expanded area. Sore muscles and tired joints are soothed and rejuvenated.

Galvanized steel structure.
Galvanized steel base guaranteed against natural perforation caused by corrosion.

LED Illuminated Waterfall
Enjoy a relaxing massage while listening to the soothing sounds of the LED-lit waterfall.

Rockwool Insulation
ROCKWOOL insulation is made of a highly flexible material produced from rock wool, which adapts to any space to regulate temperature variations. Maintaining a constant temperature significantly reduces heating costs.

LED Lighting
LED lighting effect for the ultimate chromotherapy experience. Security light, perimeter lights, deluxe corners with lights. Illuminated control valve on select configurations.

WeatherShield cover
Made with a new material that is 3 times stronger than vinyl and 25% lighter, it also offers a more modern look.

Luxury UV/O3 Water Management System
Your spa's hygiene will be optimized and, as a result, it will require less maintenance. When exposed to light, ozone is converted to hydrogen peroxide, which is then converted to a hydroxyl radical. The latter has been found to be more effective and powerful than hydrogen peroxide and chlorine. Standard or optional depending on configuration.

Balboa touchscreen
On the LSX configuration only, the Spa touch2 with large touch screen is state of the art and made with high quality materials. Waterproof and highly durable, it will meet your demands at all times.

Available as an option. Control your Bluetooth/MP3 wireless audio system and listen to your favorite music through waterproof speakers (2 or 4 speakers depending on model).

Bluetooth Audio System BBA2
Available as an option on the LSX configuration. No additional auxiliary panel required. The BBA ™ can be controlled via your smart device or through the Spa Touch 2 control panel. Listen to your favorite playlist or stream music from your smart device and control it with easy-to-use menus (4 speakers).

Wi-Fi Management System
Optional. With the Balboa Worldwide App (BWA™) for your smart device (Android™ or iPhone®), you'll be able to control your spa from anywhere: start the pumps, control the temperature, turn on the lights, program the filtration cycle, and more. Your spa is ready when you are!


7 seats
54 stainless steel jets
Dimensions: 86 " x 86 " x 36 "
Water capacity of 1280 liters
Non-convertible voltage of 230V
Control valves, safety light, LED perimeter lights
Illuminated stainless steel waterfall
Deluxe corners with LED lights
Galvanized steel structure
Rockwool insulation and ABS insulating base
Black Weathershield sloped cover 5"-3
Balboa electronic control
2 pumps with 2 speeds
4kw heating system
75 square foot cartridge filtration system
Ozone ready
Deluxe UV/O3 water management system on LSX configuration (Optional on L configuration)
Optional WiFi and Bluetooth audio management system.