Spa Sunrise 980 Série S

Spa Sunrise 980 Série S

A 6-person spa with 61 jets

The 980 S – 230v spa features an impressive 61 two-tone hydrotherapy jets!

The powerful back, calf and foot jets are all powered by two 5.0 SPL dual speed jet pumps (note: pumps differ for European models. Up to 6 bathers can comfortably enjoy the spacious bench and bucket seats with the multi-color LED waterfall, interior and exterior lighting.

Get ready for a love at first sight by discovering the many color choices (cabinet and shell) by clicking the button below.

Seating: 6 adults
Dimensions: 90" x 94" x 36
Water capacity: 463 gallons, 1,753 liters


61 two-tone hydrotherapy jets
Multiple two-tone air controls
Multi-color LED safety light
LED illuminated waterfall
LED perimeter lights
Deluxe corners with LED lights
Ozone ready
WeatherShield Black Cover
(5" - 3" slope)


Balboa electronic controls
Two 5.0SPL two-speed pumps
4Kw heating system
100 square foot filtration system


ABS insulated base
Galvanized steel frame
Polysteel cladding panels
Rockwool GreenGuard insulation


Acrylic upgrade
Factory-installed Ozone
Deluxe UV/O3 water management system
Bluetooth audio system (4 speakers)
Wi-Fi management system