Self Cleaning Hydropool Spa 395

Self Cleaning Hydropool Spa 395

A 2 – 3 person hot tub with 30 jets

The Hydropool 395 Self-Cleaning Spa is a 2-3 person spa with anti-float lounger, two full seats and built-in non-slip steps for easy access. This intimate spa will allow you to spend time with your favorite person in a comfortable and therapeutic environment. With its 30″/76.20 cm depth, this model can easily be transported through doorways and stairs in typically difficult installations.

Prepare to be wowed by the many color choices (cabinet and shell) by clicking the button below.


Hydropool's advanced self-cleaning technology removes debris from the surface and bottom of the spa, and cleans 100% of the water in just 15 minutes - so it's easy to see why Hydropool products are the easiest to maintain spas on the market. This spa is offered in a 30-jet configuration for the Gold Series, including our fully adjustable stainless steel high volume jet system. Our exclusively configured jet zones provide you with balanced and soothing massage therapy treatments, in addition to an invigorating bathing experience.


Self-cleaning technology
HydroWise triple thermal insulation system
30"/76.20 cm unit can be easily carried through doors
Non-slip steps
Filled weight: 3156 lb / 1432 kg
Empty weight: 539 lbs / 245 kg
Shell length: 85" / 216 cm
Shell width: 65" / 165 cm
Height of shell: 30" / 76.20 cm
Volume: 305 am. gal. / 1155 L
Seating: 2-3


Shell Color
Deluxe LED lighting and garden effect
Aromatherapy on demand
HydroSurround sound system
Cover options
Hydroflex Hydrotherapy
Cabinet colors.